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If you’re reading this, you’ve reached the the homepage of one of the premiere Michigan Psychics working in the state. Psychic Readings by Ronn has been serving Michigan and Detroit Metro clients for more than three decades.

Ronn Sussberg Michigan Psychic

Ronn Sussberg has over thirty years of experience and is one of the premiere Michigan Psychics.

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If you are seeking a talented Michigan Psychic to provide detailed answers to your most burning spiritual questions, call Psychic Readings by Ronn today to schedule an in-person reading the Michigan area.  Ronn is also available for phone readings for clients across the globe.  You can also tap Psychic Readings by Ronn to invigorate your next party or event with Ronn’s mystical presence.  He is available for special events and private parties in the Michigan area.

Read on learn more about Ronn’s powerful gift. You can also keep up to date with his blog on the spiritual world.

About Michigan Psychic Ronn Sussberg

The success of Psychic Readings by Ronn is due to founder and Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Ronn Sussberg.  For over thirty years, Ronn has been providing clients with answers to their most burning questions about the past, present, and future.  Ronn is known in the Michigan Psychic community for having the rare ability to provide clear windows into the future.  Ronn avoids dealing in generalities and prides himself on delivering specific answers to help guide the spiritual lives of all his clients.

Ronn believes that his gift should be accessible to everyone which is why he works a diverse array of clients that includes both local professionals as well as celebrity clientele located across the country.

Psychic Readings by Ronn is such a trusted destination for divining the future and uncovering spiritual secrets that Ronn counts among his clients several well known celebrities.  Three Oscar winning actresses, an internationally recognized supermodel, and a Country Music legend all tap Ronn’s extraordinary gift when making important personal, career, or artistic decisions.

A Family Gift

Angel Guides

Ronn can communicate with your Angel Guides.

Ronn is a third generation Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and he traces his powerful gift back to his Great Aunt Clara.

Clara emigrated to the United States from Bavaria, a region with a long and rich tradition of producing gifted mystics. She quickly found a niche among the glitz and glamor of Old Hollywood.  Once in the United States, she moved to California and became well known among the elite of Hollywood’s Golden Age as Seer to the Stars.

Ronn’s Great Aunt Clara passed the gift down to Ronn’s Aunt, and then finally to Ronn.

Praise for Psychic Readings by Ronn

Ronn’s talents have been recognized locally and nationally.  He is one of the few Psychic Mediums ever to be featured on The Dead Files on the Travel Channel and has been featured numerous times on national and local television networks including CBS and PBS.

Philosophy: Passion with Compassion

Ronn believes in being a Psychic Medium with compassion. Many spiritual questions can involve sensitive topics. Over the last three decades, Ronn has honed his skills to work with his clients in a compassionate and positive way while also offering informative and specific truths to help his clients lead a fulfilling and spiritual life.

World Wildlife Fund

A portion of proceeds are donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Psychic Readings by Ronn is not in the business of sensationalism or peddling doom and gloom. Ronn is passionate about sharing his unique gifts with others in order to help them improve their lives by getting in touch with the positive and imperceptible energies of the universe.

Because of his heightened sensitivity to the world around him, Ronn is particularly passionate about caring for all living things.  That’s why Ronn donates a portion of proceeds from every party, event, and private reading to the World Wildlife Fund.