What Does a Spiritual Awakening Look and Feel Like?

The Huffington Post Religion blog recently tried to answer that question by anonymously asking their readers to tell brief stories about their own spiritual experiences using the app Whisper. If you frequent with this blog, you know that we like to talk about spirituality in broad terms. Spirituality means something different for everyone but at the same time helps to unite us as believers in a greater power. Spirituality can mean praying in a church for some or simple meditation to clear one’s head for others. Some people even find spiritual experiences in sports like surfing.

That’s why this HuffPost piece was particularly interesting. Experiences ran the gamut from people who felt that God had spoken directly to them to those who felt a closeness to nature was a spiritual experience and everything in between.

We’ve selected a few of the most interesting responses. To see them all, visit the full piece on the Huffington Post Religion Blog.

When I used to pray it was always like "why don't I get anything good in life" then I  realized I should be thankful for a lot like my health and family so once I started thanking him and trusting his plan for my life things started getting better

To me, god is nature. God is not a personal being or individual. I feel close to god studying biology, doing research, hiking and camping. Nature is amazing and is a higher power on it's own.

Yes because somehow when things are at the worse he always finds a way to encourage me to keep living and to keep faith.

When I was severely depressed this past winter I bought a spiritual book and the first thing I read related directly to my life and situation and I started bawling my eyes out. I looked up and said "thank you". It truly helped me get through.