Preventing Depression Spiritually

Depression and Spirituality

A new study has shown the spiritual living can lead to a reduced chance of depression.

It’s long been postulated that leading a life of spirituality can lead to actual benefits.  Researchers recently gathered at the New York Academy of Medicine and shared their findings which seem to somewhat validate the idea that incorporating elements of spirituality into your life can help you conquer or prevent both physical and mental ailments.  Yahoo Health has the full story.

Let’s look at some of the compelling evidence presented and discuss the specific ways it might be able to help you improve your own mental and physical health.  In this installment, we’ll talk about how living spiritually can help prevent depression.

The Yahoo piece notes that one of the major risk factors for developing depression is living in isolation.  Those who feel separated from loved ones are much more likely to report feeling depressed.  Human beings are social animals and oftentimes we can self-perpetuate a cycle of loneliness.  Your friend asks you to go to a party and you don’t want to go because you feel down on yourself but one of the reasons you feel down on yourself is because you aren’t been social.  Sound familiar?

Spirituality can help to alleviate this vicious circle by giving you a reason to engage socially on a regular basis.  Psychotherapist William McCann is an expert in community and family medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina.  He believes that spiritual activities whether they be organized religion, volunteering with a community group, or even joining a yoga class that meets regularly.  These types of activities give the attendee a sense of being part of something.  It can also lead to a feeling of camaraderie that when lacking can lead to depressive feelings and thoughts.

Staving off depression is just one way spirituality can lead to a happier healthier life.  Check back soon for more ways to improve your body, mind, and soul.